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Benefits of Management System Certification

Management systems are flexible in their application, and certification can deliver a range of benefits depending on the nature of the system and business concerned.

These can range from:

Public confirmation

That your organization can deliver a high level product and/or service, which instils trust and confidence in the supply chain that trading, can continue smoothly.

Commitment to shareholders

The organization is subject to rigorous audits to ensure compliance to standards and continuous improvement, which demonstrates that the organization is dedicated to best practice management.

Market Recognition

You may receive the right to display Compliance Australia’s ca Mark and be immediately recognized by your clients, consumers and other stakeholders.

Effective Risk Management

Independent audits ensure management is identifying and implementing risk management strategies, which can reduce the likelihood of future liability claims.

Reduced Expenses

Documented procedures often reduce the level of waste and duplication of processes within an organization, which in turn may lead to increased profits.

Market Entry

Gaining certification to international standards often results in greater market opportunities, as these are often recognized and often essential when selecting business partners worldwide.

Enhanced Corporate Knowledge

Directors receive a transparent and independent representation of how the organization is performing through the delivery of an objective audit report.

Improved Employee Commitment

Third party audits provide an opportunity to facilitate improvement ideas from the base of the organizational hierarchy through to the directors, which in turn boosts staff morale and reduces turnover of staff.


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