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Managing for quality through ISO 9001 is a key to success in today’s marketplace.

CACS Quality Certification

The quality management system (QMS) standard ISO 9001 provides a harmonised methodology for building, sustaining and improving quality performances. A certificate of registration issued by Compliance Australia Certification Services tells your customers, your suppliers and your competitors that you have chosen international recognition for your quality achievements.

Compliance Australia Certification Services is an accredited organisation by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), to provide ISO 9001:2008 certifications to organisations that fall within the industrial and commercial sectors certified to assess.

Compliance Australia Certification Services is frequently extending its scope of accreditation, therefore please check with Compliance Australia Certification Services for the latest listing.

Many organisations in particular small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s), wish to implement their Quality Management System by themselves so as to reduce or eliminate the cost of advice from consultants. However, they often lack the knowledge &/or confidence to do so.

We recognise the problems facing SME’s and, as a consequence, we have developed a simple flowchart to enable a company to develop and implement its own Quality Management System.


Benefits of Quality Certification

Competitive advantage

ISO 9001 should be top-management led, which ensures that senior management take a strategic approach to their management systems.

Our assessment and certification process ensures that the business objectives constantly feed into your processes and working practices to ensure you maximise your assets.


Improves business performance and manages business risk

ISO 9001 helps your managers to raise the organization’s performance above and beyond competitors who aren’t using management systems. Certification also makes it easier to measure performance and better manage business risk.


Attracts investment, enhances brand reputation and removes barriers to trade

Certification to ISO 9001 will boost your organization’s brand reputation and can be a useful promotional tool. It sends a clear message to all interested parties that this is a company committed to high standards and continual improvement.


Saves you money

Evidence shows that the financial benefits for companies that have invested in and certified their quality management systems to ISO 9001 include operational efficiencies, increased sales, higher return on assets and greater profitability.


Streamlines operations and reduces waste

The assessment of your quality management system focuses on operating processes. This encourages organizations to improve the quality of products and the service provided and helps to reduces waste and customer complaints.


Encourages internal communication and raises morale

ISO 9001 ensures that employee’s feel more involved through improved communication. Continued Assessment visits can highlight any skills shortages sooner and uncover any teamwork issues.


Increases customer satisfaction

The ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ structure of ISO 9001 ensures that the needs of the customer are being considered and met.


Steps to Quality Certification (ISO 9001)

(Note: Click on each step to see the description.)


1. Make contact

Get in touch and tell us what you need, so we can sort out the best services for you. We’ll then give you a proposal detailing the cost and time involved.

2. Meet your assessment team

We’ll assign you a Client Manager, who will be your main point of contact through the process – and beyond. They’ll have an excellent understanding of your business area and will support you as you move forward to the assessment and certification of your quality management system.

3. Consider training

Whether you’re seeking to implement a management system or would like to increase your general awareness of the standard, there are a range of workshops, seminars and training courses available.

4. Review and assessment

We’ll do a desktop review of your management system against ISO 9001, and identify any omissions or weaknesses that need resolving before formal assessment. Once these have been addressed, we’ll conduct a full on-site assessment.

5. Certification and beyond

Once the assessment has been successfully completed, we’ll issue a certificate of registration, clearly explaining the scope of your management system. The certificate is valid for three years, and your assessor will visit you regularly to help you make sure you remain compliant, and support you in the continual improvement of your systems.


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