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Our auditors have not only experience operating across Australia they also have experience auditing around the world in such countries as Korea, China, Malaysia, Tahiti and many other destinations this allows our auditors to value add at every possible opportunity with a wealth of experience.

Auditors with personalities

We at CACS believe that even though our audits are compliance audits that does not mean they should be soul destroying. Our audits are usually looked forward to by our clients and seen as a value adding exercise. This is because our auditors come from your specific industry and are matched to your specific requirements. We go to a great deal of effort to match our auditors to your business. Our auditors have experience not only in your industry here in Australia but more than likely experience in auditing your industry across a number of other countries thus enabling our auditors to value add to every audit.

Guaranteed Best Value for Money

CACS has structured itself in such a way to minimize our costs so we can pass on these savings to you.

Responsiveness & Accuracy

We guarantee a response to certification enquires within 4 business hours of any request for certification.

Maximize the Benefits of Certification

Compliance Australia is a market leader in business management system certification.

Our renowned certification mark the ca mark is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized symbols of effective management.

Clients will associate the ca Mark with the following attributes:

Certification through Compliance Australia offers instant recognition — and a whole lot more.

Wide choice of specialist auditors: When it comes to assessing your business for certification, Compliance Australia will ensure that the auditor who assesses your management system for certification is experienced in your industry.

National presence to meet global certification and export needs: As you would expect from a leading certification expert, Compliance Australia operates throughout the Australia. Our clients operate in major international markets and we are well positioned to provide them with a risk management solution.


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